Universal programmable controller
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• CAN-LOG B series NEW

 Programmer PRG 02

Proximity reader U400 

Converter UART>RS485  

PRG 02 programmer


PRG 02 CAN controller programmer

The programmer is intended for updating the software of universal CAN-LOG controllers (updating the functionality, adding new technology to the module firmware), as well as for working in the mode of viewing data read directly from the output of the module connected to the vehicle

Price: 4 000 rubles


Working with the programmer:

Option 1. Software update* (firmware update)

The programmer allows you to download new software from the server online using the UCanlogUpdater application (see the operating instructions for the programmer)

* To update the firmware, you need a login and password, which must be requested by mail at


UCanlogUpdater Controller Update Application

Instructions for working with the programmer                                        


Option 2. Viewing data from the CAN-LOG module output

✔ With the CANlog Version 1.62 application, you can see the data directly from the output of the CAN-LOG controller connected to the vehicle. This makes it possible to compare the observed parameters with the declared ones.

✔ The CAN-LOG controller has a program 1188 for data emulation. With this program, the controller transmits an arbitrary signal with the vehicle parameters without being connected to the CAN bus, which allows checking the coordination of the CAN-LOG module with the monitoring system on the "table". A screenshot of the 1188 application is shown below

CANlog_Version_1.62_Читаемые параметры модулем версии 30 и 40.jpg 

Application for viewing CANlog Version 4.0 data for new B-series modules (v4.0)

Application for viewing CANlog Version 1.62 data for P series modules                             

Instructions for working with CANlog application Version 1.62