Functional CAN-WAY B
Universal vehicle monitoring controller
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Functional CAN-WAY B



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 Terminals CAN-WAY B


• BR expansion unit

• RFID reader RS-160

• MF-EM readers

Terminals CAN-WAY B / versions 14, 24, 34 and 44 NEW



The universal programmable on-board controller is designed for monitoring vehicles and special equipment with a CAN bus. Allows you to simultaneously maintain a connection with 4 servers with different protocols of intersystem interaction: NDTP, Wialon IPS, Wialon Combine, Vega, EGTS (described in the order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation of July 31, 2012 No. 285), etc.

Version 14 - Price: $ 140
Version 24 - Price: $ 150
Version 34 - Price: $ 160
Version 44 - Price: $ 170


✔ Support for Wialon IPS, Wialon Combine, EGTS, NDTP, Vega protocols;
✔ Simultaneous work with four servers using any of the supported protocols;
✔ Mobile application for configuration via ТСР and Bluetooth;
✔ Programming the response of the device to various events using the "Scenarios" function (up to 25 programmable scenarios);
✔ Configuration via GPRS,USB, SMS, Bluetooth;
✔ Software update via GPRS, USB;
✔ Remote configuration and viewing of the current state through a free engineering server;
✔ Support for analog, pulse and digital fuel level / consumption sensors;
✔ Driver identification using 1-Button keys;
✔ Temperature control in the engine compartment and inside the car using external 1-wire sensors;
✔ Control of executive mechanisms on command and upon the occurrence of events;
✔ Built-in black box for up to 200,000 entries;
✔ SMS notifications with broad customization options;
✔ GPS odometer;
✔ Control of geofences with the possibility of SMS notification and control of actuators (up to 50 configurable geofences);
✔ Trip counter;
✔ Detection of jamming GSM signal;
✔ Support for external JPEG camera;
✔ Transfer to the server and (or) recording into the internal non-volatile memory of information from the vehicle CAN bus;
✔ Sending a location-based alarm;
✔ Control of the driver's driving style using the built-in accelerometer;
✔ Remote diagnostics of the device status;
✔ Speakerphone

Terminal versions

In order to optimize and reduce the cost of production, the terminals have 4 versions of the software for working with the CAN bus, which support a certain type of equipment (see table)


CAN-WAY B Version 14 

 light vehicles

CAN-WAY B Version 24 

• light vehicles
• freight cars
• buses

CAN-WAY B Version 34 

• light vehicles
• freight cars
 • buses

CAN-WAY B Version 44 

• light vehicles
• freight cars
• buses
• construction
• agricultural machinery
• special equipment
• communal
• logging
Limited functionality Limited functionality Full functionality Full functionality

Attention! The display of this or that information by the Terminal is conditioned by the presence of such information in the CAN-bus of the vehicle itself

Parameters read from CAN bus

Version Version Version
Dynamic parameters14, 2434


Fuel level in the tank, l. or%

Total fuel consumption, l

Total vehicle mileage, km

Engine speed, rpm

Vehicle speed, km / h                                                               

Gas pedal position,%                                                                 

Full engine running time, hour                                                

Engine temperature, ° С                                                           

Engine load,%                                                                             

Axle load, kg                                                                                 

AdBLUE liquid level, l

Safety control indicators for vehicles 1424 34



Key in the ignition switch                                                             

Vehicle closed / open from factory control panel                    

Driver and / or passenger doors open                                        

Hood and / or trunk open                                                              

Foot brake (information available only when the ignition is on)

Handbrake (information available only when the ignition is on)

Automatic transmission handle moved to parking position     

The engine is running (information is available only when the ignition is on)

Reverse gear engaged                                                                     

Turning on Webasto                                                                        

Factory alarm is in alarm mode                                                      

Vehicle status control indicators142434



Oil pressure / level                                                                              

Refrigerant temperature / level                                                       

Battery charging                                                                                   


Check Engine

Lighting failure

Low tire pressure

Worn brake pads                                                                                  


ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)

Low fuel level                                                                                        

ESP (Electronic Stability Control)                                                      

FAP (Particulate Filter)                                                                        

EPC (Electronic Pressure Regulator)                                                     

Side lights, low and high beam headlights                                                                                                        

Passenger seat belt                                                                                 

Driver's seat belt                                                                                     

Parameters of agricultural machinery142434


Working time of the header, h                                                              

Harvested area, ha                                                                                   

Productivity, ha / h                                                                                   

The amount of the harvested crop, t                                                     

Grain moisture,%                                                                                      

Control - engaging the                                                                              

Control - ejection of grain from the hopper