Functional CAN-PRO G CPU
Universal programmable controller
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Functional CAN-PRO G CPU


 CAN-PROi U122



Programmer PRG 02

Universal controller CAN-PRO / Functional CAN-PRO G CPU

Processor versions

CAN-PRO G32-CPU ⇒ Full functionality of the CAN-PRO G controller and the functionality of the CAN-LOG controller for passenger cars


Control functions


Direction indicator control 

Alternative control of direction indicators 

Closing the windows

Locking all doors

Unlocking the driver's door

Unlocking all doors

Alternative central locking control

Imitation of opening the driver's door

Unlocking the trunk

Factory siren control

Management of regular autostart

Controlling the standard pre-heater

Immobilizer (control of original car buttons)

Reading functions 


Egnition lock

Key in the ignition lock

Full-time protection status

Standard alarm triggering

Driver and passenger door

Front passenger door

Rear passenger doors



Hand brake

Foot brake

"Parking" state for vehicles with automatic transmission

Engine running status

Impulse when disarming the standard guard (Slave)

Impulse when armed (Slave)

Signal when reaching a speed of more than 10 km / h

Engine temperature, ° С

Total vehicle mileage, km

Engine speed, rpm

Vehicle speed, km / h

Fuel level in the tank, l.

Total fuel consumption, l.

Full engine operation time, hour

Gas pedal position, %

Engine load, %

Control - on / off Webasto

Control - on / off side lights, low and high beam

Control - fastened / not fastened the driver's, passenger's belt

Control - STOP indicator

Control - pressure / oil level indicator

Control - engine coolant temperature indicator

Control - brake system indicator

Control - battery charging indicator

Control - Check Engine indicator

Control - SRS safety indicator

Control - tire pressure indicator

Control - brake pad wear indicator

Control - warning indicator

Control - ABS indicator

Control - ESP indicator

Control - FAP indicator

Control - EPC indicator

Control - low fuel level indicator

Control - glow plug indicator