Functional LINE-WAY B
Universal vehicle monitoring controller
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Functional LINE-WAY B



 Terminals CAN-WAY V (rus)

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 Terminals CAN-WAY B


• BR expansion unit

• RFID reader RS-160

• MF-EM readers

Universal monitoring controller CAN-WAY / Functional LINE-WAY B

Monitoring of vehicles and special equipment that do not have a CAN bus

LINE-WAY B terminals


The universal programmable on-board controller is designed for monitoring vehicles and special equipment. Allows you to simultaneously maintain a connection with 4 servers with different protocols of intersystem interaction: NDTP, Wialon IPS, Wialon Combine, Vega, EGTS (described in the order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation of July 31, 2012 No. 285), etc.
Price: $ 93


✔ Support for Wialon IPS, Wialon Combine, EGTS, NDTP, Vega protocols;
✔ Simultaneous work with four servers using any of the supported protocols;
✔ Mobile application for configuration via ТСР and Bluetooth (for LB version);
✔ Programming the response of the device to various events using the "Scenarios" function (up to 50 programmable scenarios);
✔ Configuration via GPRS, USB, SMS, Bluetooth (for LB version);
✔ Software update via GPRS, USB;
✔ Remote configuration and viewing of the current state through a free engineering server;
✔ Support for analog, pulse and digital fuel level / consumption sensors;
✔ Driver identification using 1-Button keys;
✔ Temperature control in the engine compartment and inside the car using external 1-wire sensors;
✔ Control of executive mechanisms on command and upon the occurrence of events;
✔ Built-in black box for up to 200,000 entries;
✔ SMS notifications with broad customization options;
✔ GPS odometer;
✔ Control of geofences with the possibility of SMS notification and control of actuators (up to 50 configurable geofences);
✔ Trip counter;
✔ Detection of jamming GSM signal;
✔ Support for external JPEG camera;
✔ Sending a location-based alarm;
✔ Control of the driver's driving style using the built-in accelerometer;
✔ Remote diagnostics of the device status