Universal programmable controller
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Dear partners!

Creation of a CAN module (CAN-LOG) for vehicle monitoring systems and special equipment, Equipment Integrators have ample opportunities to implement volumetric monitoring for Clients and those parameters that previously could not be obtained without using expensive sensors, for example: axle load or grain moisture, engine load or accelerator pedal position, seat belt retention or fuel consumption. In addition, it can be combined with benefits such as:

✔ easy to install;

✔ informative technical support;

✔ minimum scrap rate (less than 0.2%);

✔ well-thought-out algorithm for self-diagnosis and diagnostics of the data transmission channel;

✔ the ability to use with contactless readers (important for equipment under warranty service);

✔ software update and addition of new equipment via the Internet.

allows us to talk about a high-tech quality product that can be consumed by the most demanding Customer.

General  information

The universal programmable controller CAN-LOG can be used on any piece of equipment from the attached list by entering the program number. The procedure for entering the program, as well as the entire algorithm for working with the module, is described in detail in the product passport. At your request, wiring diagrams in the form of color photos will be sent to e-mail, which are attached to each car. The number of the program that must be entered into the module to select this vehicle is indicated in the upper corner. There is also a programmer that allows you to remotely, via the Internet, add newly read cars to the module, as well as, in real time, through a laptop, view the parameters that the module reads from a particular piece of equipment. In addition, to check the communication channel between the CAN module, the telematics unit and the server, the module provides a test program No. 188, which allows simulating the connection of the module to the car and, thus, "on the table" to check the correct transmission of parameters from the module to the user's monitor. If you have any questions, you can always contact us by contact phones and e-mail addresses, or leave a voice message. We will definitely contact you.