Installation instructions
Universal programmable controller
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Installation instructions


• CAN-LOG B series NEW

 Programmer PRG 02

Proximity reader U400 

Converter UART>RS485  

Universal controller CAN-LOG / Installation instructions

Installation instructions

In order to receive installation instructions, you must fill out the form below. The scheme will be sent to the indicated email address. In a note, you need to indicate for which series of the module the circuit is required:

Series M (M333, M444) - discontinued in 2013,

P series (P145) versions P10, P20, P30, P40 with text protocol - discontinued in 2019,

Series B version B10, B20, B30, B40 with binary protocol V2 - discontinued in 2018,

Series B version B14, B24, B34, B44 with V4 binary protocol - went on sale in 2018.

 Please note that starting with the firmware 09/01/2017 for the P and B series (v2), you must enter a 4-digit program number. For B (v4) series, a 5-digit number is used.

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