Functional CAN-LOG B
Universal programmable controller
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Functional CAN-LOG B


• CAN-LOG B series NEW

 Programmer PRG 02

Proximity reader U400 

Converter UART>RS485  

Universal controller CAN-LOG / Functional CAN-LOG B

B-series CAN-LOG controllers (V4 protocol)



The new module is designed to replace the P series models (text protocol). Works in V4 binary protocol. The new processor supports the simultaneous reading of three CAN buses. CAN-LOG is intended for reading the CAN bus of the vehicle in order to obtain their operational and technical parameters. It is used to work in monitoring systems, the protocol of which is consistent with the protocol * of the controller.

The module is an anti-theft device that blocks the vehicle engine via the CAN bus or similar. Small size and lack of additional wiring allow for covert installation anywhere in the car

Version 14 - Price: 5 850 rub.

Version 24 - Price: 6 350 rub.


Version 34 - Price: 6 850 rub.

Version 44 - Price: 7 850 rub.

Controller versions

✔ CAN-LOG series B14, B24, B34, B44 has an RS232 interface, works in a binary protocol V4
In order to optimize and reduce the cost of production, the controllers have 4 software versions that support a certain type of technology (see table).

Version 14 

Controller CAN

Version B14


• light vehicles

CAN-LOG Version 24

Controller CAN

Version 24


• light vehicles
• freight cars

• buses

CAN-LOG Version 34

Controller CAN

Version 34


• light vehicles
• freight cars

• buses

CAN-LOG Version 44 

Controller CAN

Version 44


• light vehicles
• freight cars

• buses

• construction
• agricultural machinery
• special equipment

• communal

• logging
Limited functionality Limited functionality Full functionality Full functionality
See Table below


Version Version Version
Dynamic parameters14, 2434


Fuel level in the tank, l. or%

Total fuel consumption, l

Total vehicle mileage, km

Engine speed, rpm

Vehicle speed, km / h                                                               

Gas pedal position,%                                                                 

Full engine running time, hour                                                

Engine temperature, ° С                                                           

Engine load,%                                                                             

Axle load, kg                                                                                 

AdBLUE liquid level, l

Safety control indicators for vehicles 1424 34



Key in the ignition switch                                                             

Vehicle closed / open from factory control panel                    

Driver and / or passenger doors open                                        

Hood and / or trunk open                                                              

Foot brake (information available only when the ignition is on)

Handbrake (information available only when the ignition is on)

Automatic transmission handle moved to parking position     

The engine is running (information is available only when the ignition is on)

Reverse gear engaged                                                                     

Turning on Webasto                                                                        

Factory alarm is in alarm mode                                                      

Vehicle status control indicators142434



Oil pressure / level                                                                              

Refrigerant temperature / level                                                       

Battery charging                                                                                   


Check Engine

Lighting failure

Low tire pressure

Worn brake pads


ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)

Low fuel level                                                 

ESP (Electronic Stability Control)

FAP (Particulate Filter) 

EPC (Electronic Pressure Regulator)                                                     

Side lights, low and high beam headlights

Passenger seat belt                                        

Driver's seat belt