Functional CAN-LOG R400
Universal programmable controller
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Functional CAN-LOG R400


• CAN-LOG B series NEW

 Programmer PRG 02

Proximity reader U400 

Converter UART>RS485  

Universal controller CAN-LOG / Functional CAN-LOG R400

Contactless reader CAN-LOG U400



The universal contactless reader CAN-LOG U400 is designed for contactless transmission of signals from digital buses without preliminary processing, while maintaining the physical level of the signal due to its amplification during transmission. Works with all digital protocols used in cars and other equipment. Data is transmitted at any speed of the original information. In conditions of strong interference, the CAN-LOG U400 reader can transmit more than 98% of information from the digital bus without distortion

Price: 2 800 rubles

CAN-LOG U400 (Usup = 9 ... 63V) - works with all devices that "read" the CAN bus

Important! The proximity reader does not decode data from the bus, but only amplifies electromagnetic radiation from the wires to the physical level of the CAN signal. To decrypt data, a P or B series CAN-LOG controller must be connected to the output of the CAN-LOG U400 contactless reader


✔ When the power is connected, the LED will light up constantly, which means the device is ready for configuration. The setting is carried out on the embedded and clamped twisted pair of the CAN bus in the device and with the ignition on by short pressing the button; the LED will start blinking at intervals of about 1 second; the auto-tuning process will take up to 10 seconds, depending on the car model. Successful setting will be confirmed by flashing of the LED every 2 seconds (with active CAN bus)

✔ If the vehicle CAN bus goes into sleep mode, the CAN-LOG U400 device will also go into sleep mode. Consumption in this mode is 1.2 mA (at 12 V), the LED is off

✔ If, after the adjustment, the LED is constantly on, this means that the device has not been tuned, that is, the wires found are not a digital bus or the ignition has not been turned on
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